AIM Brands LLC announces the immediate availability of more than ten million U.S.-made, NIOSH-approved, N95 respirators.

Rehabilitating the PPE Supply Chain

BENTONVILLE, AR, October 21st, 2020

With the double threat of a COVID-19 resurgence and flu emergence, broader availability of PPE is critically important. Currently, many masks are allocated in gray markets where Forbes describes $800M in alleged scams. As a licensed distributor for multiple U.S.-based Global OEMs with N95 NIOSH Certified respirators, AIM Brands works to restore quality, transparency and fairness to industrial PPE supply by:

(1) direct sales to large end-use customers, prioritizing governmental and corporate entities that employ essential workers,

(2) direct sales online to smaller end-use customers,

(3) transparent auctions for qualified customers with immediate needs.

AIM provides surety of product by acting like a big box store. Product is in-stock, can be seen and touched, and can be collected same-day. NIOSH-approved N95 respirators listed on the CDC website, can be inspected and purchased in person today, and at

Protecting Essential Workers

Essential workers in food production, retail, restaurants, logistics, public safety and education are critical to maintaining core societal functions. Their jobs expose them to contracting and transmitting COVID-19 daily. Reducing transmission among these groups could reduce pressure on the healthcare system. N95 masks can help protect from airborne transmission which the CDC acknowledges can occur in enclosed environments.

“AIM Brands is committed to efficiently and fairly distributing non-medical PPE supply to enable re-opening while reducing pressure on our hospital systems. Until a vaccine is available to all, we must ensure that the correct mask protects essential workers,” says Kit Nowlin, Co-Founder of AIM.

Mask Type Matters

As U.S.-made supply of masks increase, better masks may help non-medical essential workers. In a recent Duke study, fitted N95 respirators were the most effective mask studied by filtering both droplets and aerosolized particles. Unfortunately, due to lack of U.S.-made supply and a broken marketplace, these respirators have not been available outside of healthcare at an affordable price, until now.

“In the early days of the pandemic, the marketplace was flooded by inferior products, retail novices and fraudsters. At the beginning, we were proud to provide hand sanitizer and gloves to essential workers in the retail and parcel service space using responsible business practices. Our mission is to bring this same level service everywhere we can,” says army veteran Noah Johnson, Co-Founder of AIM.

About AIM Brands, LLC

AIM Brands is a boutique provider of safety solutions, including gloves, gowns, masks, sanitizer, testing, and air purification. AIM Brands has been a trusted vendor for states and world-leading corporations by restoring disrupted supply chains. The AIM Brands team is headed by former Wal-Mart leaders who seek to repair the marketplace with on-hand product from proven manufacturers with high quality, consistent delivery, and earnest business terms. AIM takes an innovative approach to removing inefficient middle-men, using analytics to address scarcity, and community donations. AIM Brands’ mission is to reduce transmission and return to normalcy.

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